Give us Chaos!


Entropy is difficult to obtain on remote servers as it is moslty collected from hardware noises, mouse movements and keyboard timings. Servers usually don't have those devices connected. The following piece of code retrieves random blocks of bytes from the website, and transforms them with a polynumeric substitution cipher before adding them to the system's random device "/dev/random" until the entropy's spool gets full. This can be used when "/dev/random" is running out of entropy during cryptographic key generation.



# ./GUChaos
[+] GUChaos version 1.4
[+] Retrieve random bytes from
[+] Adding 0x555b271e 0xb14c3d74 ... 0xf62e58bf (status: 2282/4096)
[+] Adding 0x98e7439b 0xc99921c5 ... 0xa849e09f (status: 2813/4096)
[+] Adding 0xb0f844f7 0xeca99bb2 ... 0x91dc3e07 (status: 4096/4096)
[+] Available entropy is set to the maximum (4096)


Thanks to Maddes for bug fixes and bringing new ideas.


The name comes from the fact that entropies are also associated with chaos, disorder, etc.